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St. Austell is a bustling market town, situated at the centre of the Cornish china-clay industry. William Cookworthy discovered the clay in 1755, and with the opening of the pits to mine the clay, St. Austell's population and prosperity soon began to grow.
Kao-Lin, an essential ingredient in the manufacture of porcelain, had previously only been found in northern China. Today Cornwall still exports clay, which is also used to produce paint, paper and in some medicines.
The 15th century Holy Trinity Church is well worth a visit; unusual for Cornwall its tower is finely decorated with sculptured figures. The interior is also unusual, with a distinct bend in the axis of the church. There has been speculation as to whether this was deliberate to create a dramatic effect, or due to a building problem, it has also been suggested it was intended to symbolise the droop of Christ's head as he died on the cross.